The Name Saves

October 3rd, 2020

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Acts 4:8-17

When a couple is expecting their first child, the talk always turns to the name. Will we name it after one of us? After a relative? Or will we give the child a name that sets it apart in some way? We recognize that the name given has power, and therefore should be chosen with care.

Peter recognizes this to be true as well. He makes it clear that the miraculous healing had nothing to do with him or John, but everything to do with the name of Jesus.

Why is this important? The name “Jesus” means “God rescues or saves.” Peter explains in verse 9 that the man was healed. The Greek word literally means “saved.” In other words, this healing is more than physical, and it’s more than temporal. He has been saved in order to give glory to God, to shout His praises, and to live as an example of the work of God in His life.

How has your life changed for the better since you heard the name that saves? Ponder the implications of this for your life and give thanks to the One who gave His name to save us.

Author: James Hampton

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