His Name Blesses Us

October 1st, 2020

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Mark 11:7-11

I love parades. The pageantry, the sounds, and the festive mood combine to create an atmosphere of celebration. Such was the case as Jesus entered Jerusalem. The people have a sense that the Messiah has come!

What the crowds shouted was originally a liturgical psalm that served as the focus for prayer, praise, and thanksgiving. As Jews would come to the temple, it would be sung out, serving both as a greeting but also as a reminder that it was God who made their journey possible.

Our tendency is to think of God’s blessing only in terms of material things. However, the greatest blessings God offers are different: salvation, grace, peace, and His Spirit. Without these, any material blessings are nothing more than dust.

When we offer our praises, we choose to bless God. Because God is above everything else, when we offer the shout of “hosanna” we are not changing anything about God. All we are doing is acknowledging the greatness of who He is. When God chooses to bless us, we are always changed, often profoundly so.

Author: James Hampton


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