Ability to Remember

September 14th, 2020

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Exodus 20:1-3

I often joke that my ability to forget is much higher than my ability to remember. This is true when it comes to simple tasks: why did I come into the kitchen, where are the keys, what was I supposed to be doing. It is also true in my Christian walk.  When trouble arises, when things don’t go as desired, when the waves of life threaten to take me over, it is easy to forget what God has done and who He is.

Exodus 20:2 is a reminder of who God is and what He has already done. He is the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of slavery into the Promised Land. What is your Egypt? He has brought you out of a life of sin, hopelessness, and slavery to our selfish desires, into the promise of eternal life. No matter if you are out or being brought out, He is the Lord your God.

Today, even when you can’t remember what you were supposed to be doing, remember that He is the Lord your God; He has and will continue to bring you out of your Egypt.

Author: Beth Heath


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