Signposts and Faithfulness

September 8th, 2020

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Exodus 19:7-13

Many years ago, I was driving home from a particularly discouraging encounter with a friend. I felt lost as I tried to navigate through the what ifs of the future. As I rounded a corner I was struck by the largest, most vibrant full moon I had ever seen. Instantly, I knew that this was a word from God, spoken to my weary heart. I was not alone. God had given me the very comfort I needed to remain faithful in that season of life.

The Lord told Moses that He would come in a dense cloud so that the people would be able to hear God. This would serve as a signpost to encourage their continued trust in the Lord. The “full-moon” moments like mine serve as signposts for us. We can look back over these experiences years later and remember the goodness of God.

What signpost moments has God given you? Write them down so that you have a reminder of God’s movement in your history. Let them spur you on to continue trusting in God.

Author: Kristin Gilmore


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