Blessed By God

August 26th, 2020

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Psalm 105:23-38

“I am blessed!” Have you ever heard anyone utter this phrase? If so, what did this person mean? People often make this statement in reference to feeling fortunate/happy regarding family, health, financial success, and so on. Those within the church point to God as the source of the blessing.  When we say, “God has blessed me,” we often mean we feel God’s favor and grace, and it brings happiness to our life.

The Israelites felt God’s blessing. God delivered them from the hand of their enemy. Now they were experiencing God’s favor. They were a people who truly could say they were blessed by God.

One Greek word used for blessed is makarios. We find this in the beatitudes of Matthew 5 and Luke 6. It describes the happiness of those who find their purpose and fulfilment in God. This is the blessing that comes from loving and fearing God—positioning our lives according to God’s Word.

In what ways do you need to experience God’s blessing in your life today?

Author: Mike Wonch


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