This Isn’t About Us

August 21st, 2020

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Luke 10:17-24

Jesus warns the 72 not to rejoice in the work they were able to accomplish as they shared the good news. It seems a bit odd that Jesus would do this, after all, isn’t being successful the point? Here is the danger: when we measure the call upon our lives to share the good news in terms of success, it becomes about us and not about God.

While statistics are one measure of a church, they are not the measure of a church. The value of a body of believers is not the number of attenders, rather it is the faithfulness of that local body in doing the work of the kingdom.

If we only do what we are successful at, we run the risk of depending upon results to continue the work. If we stop doing the work of the kingdom because we think we failed, it paralyzes us from taking any risks. Jesus warns us that when it becomes about us and our ability, we forget that all of this is really about the kingdom of God.

Author: Georgia Patton

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