Faith Brings Calm Assurance

August 6th, 2020

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Mark 4:35-41

Imagine for a moment you are one of the disciples of Christ. The storm hits, you begin to sink, and you don’t know what to do. Can you imagine the desperation, the fear, the confusion?

And yet, the disciples learned an important lesson that day. With one word, Christ’s commands altered the course of nature. The great windstorm subsided, the waters calmed, and hope was restored. The Messiah they thought they were looking for (the political power that would overthrow Rome), apparently, was so much more. Even the wind and the seas obeyed Christ’s command!

When you find yourself frustrated or disappointed at the direction God is leading you remember: He is not only whatever He seems to be to our frail, human eyes. He is so much more. He is God, the Almighty, the maker of heaven and of earth. And He is in control. God is on His throne. He is still God. Learning to trust His ways, not our expectations, is the only thing that will bring everlasting peace.

Author: Aimee Stone Cooper

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One Response to “Faith Brings Calm Assurance”

  1. Jan Eckstein Says:

    August 6th, 2020 at 2:36 pm

    I know from experience that learning to trust God’s ways and not mine is the only way that I will have everlasting peace. When I get dissapointed or flustrated, the hardest thing for me to remember, that HE IS IN CONTROL.

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