The Soul’s Soil

July 31st, 2020

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Mark 4:10-20

It’s not hard to find something to worry about. For some of us, it’s almost like a natural inclination. Quite honestly, when someone tells us “don’t worry,” they could just as well be talking to a wall, because the words fall to the ground empty.

That’s why this parable is so important. It doesn’t just say that we need to not worry. It tells us why we worry, which can help us learn how to let go of our angst. The things inhibiting our spiritual journey are represented by shallow roots and being choked by thorns until our spirit dies. We learn then, that it is the soil of our soul that needs to be tended.

We must give attention to our spiritual formation. We must engage in Scripture study, spiritual readings, prayer, spiritual conversation with a community of faith, and have relationships of accountability in order to tend the soil of our soul. Even talking with a professional counselor can be a way of giving our spirit the attention it needs.

What worries you?

Author: Deanna Hayden


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