Delightful Journey

July 28th, 2020

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Psalm 119:33-40

Children receive commands regularly. There might be a secret I don’t know about, but no matter how pleasantly I present to my children commands like “Make your bed,” or “Brush your teeth,” their faces do not light up with joy. So how is it that being led in the path of God’s commandments can bring delight?

When we are led to focus on God and the things that matter to God, our focus is taken from ourselves. There is something delightfully freeing in giving our attention to love. Love is the greatest commandment, and the sum of them all. God does not intend for us to spend ourselves agonizing over legalistic details so we can do everything perfectly. Being led in the path of God’s commands means we continue to give focus to the journey of love, walking the path together with our loving Savior.

Where is God’s love at work around you? Where is God’s love at work in you? The more focus given to those places, the more we will find joy and delight along the journey.

Author: Deanna Hayden

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