Be Honorable

July 25th, 2020

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Romans 2:1-11

For believers, Paul’s words can sound like good news or an impossibility. The apostle says, “this is the way to heaven,” and it almost sounds like a prescription for disease. We know that sin works against our good intentions and that a solely works-based theology forgets to factor in God’s grace. We try to hold God’s justice and God’s grace in equilibrium.

Everything Paul prescribes rests upon our dependence on Christ for His strength in our weakness and for transformed hearts and lives. We need to be completely given to God in order to live a truly honorable life that reflects a Godly character.

The good news is that Christ lived an honorable and holy life for us, He died a dishonorable death, and in His resurrection offers us eternal life. Take a moment and ask the Lord to search your heart; offer Him complete submission and surrender to anything that wars with His will for you.

Author: Teanna Sunburg


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