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July 23rd, 2020

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Matthew 5:33-42

The devotionals this week focus on a godly code of living, or a Jesus-ethic, if you will. In our daily lives, we are to be accountable to the question, “What does it look like to live out a daily reflection of Christ with my family, in my community, to my neighbor, at the grocery store, on the streets that I drive?”

Matthew 5 is a litany of ways to live as Christ followers, and in that list, we find a command to “not swear an oath at all.” For what reason does this command become added to the list?

Much of what we, as the body of Christ, reflect to the yet-to-believe world is the dependable and honest character of God. Our words and the actions that back up those words speak volumes. Our words and actions are a testimony to who Christ is in us and His transformative power in and through us.

If we live as people who speak truth in love and if we live out love in our lives, then our simple yes or no is enough.

Author: Teanna Sunburg


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