On Confession

July 8th, 2020

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Nehemiah 9:1-8

The word “confession” can suggest a couple of different scenarios. We may think of a court case in which someone admits to a crime. Or we may think of the confessional in a Catholic church where one professes his or her latest sin to the priest in order to receive forgiveness. Confession was a vital practice of the Israelites and the early church.

We don’t like to admit our faults. This practice becomes even more of a struggle in a theological tradition built upon living a holy, sinless life. How can we confess our sins when we are supposed to be perfect and holy?

There is always room, however, in our life to be more like Jesus. We don’t always do what we are called to do. We don’t always love with the love of Christ. We don’t put others above ourselves. We ignore the cries of our neighbors.

Confession looks like this: we look at the life of Jesus, then we look at our life, and then we confess the difference. Only when we are able to confess is God able to do a good work in us.

Author: Georgia Patton


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