Who Do You Work For?

July 5th, 2020

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Colossians 3:18-25

I once held a job at a local university, helping administer tests to variety of people for a variety of reasons. We would hire several university students. Many of these student employees were stellar. They worked hard, were knowledgeable, and were courteous.

One student worker, however, did not fit this mold. She was slow to complete her assigned tasks and took advantage of our hectic schedule. She was even caught in a lie: claiming she worked when she never appeared for a shift. This student didn’t respect her boss (or herself) enough to be truthful.

Knowing someone is looking over your shoulder, checking your work often prompts us to buckle down and work hard. What would happen if we embraced the call to kingdom work as if Christ was looking over our shoulder?

Ultimately, as followers of Christ, we report to God how we have spent our time on earth. Have we invested our time, talent, and treasure in a God-glorifying way? Take stock of your life and see if there is anything you need to submit to God.

Author: Stephanie Hendrickson


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