Sacrifices of the Passion

June 26th, 2020

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Luke 14:25-35

When missionary James Calvert was on a ship with his family on-route to the cannibals of the Fiji Islands, the ship’s captain implored him to turn back, “You will lose your life and the lives of those with you if you go among such savages.” To that, Calvert replied, “We died before we came here.”

The Gospels do not shy away from the fact that following Christ has a cost. Sometimes discipleship costs everything. Luke reminds us that Jesus said this plainly and honestly. This is also the story and the passion of Christ, who willingly laid down His life. Imagine that as Christ hung on the cross, forsaken and alone, experiencing every kind of agony, an army of angels was poised to breach the veil between heaven and earth in defense of the Son of God. It was the passionate love of Christ for you and for me that held that army back.

Author: Teanna Sunberg

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One Response to “Sacrifices of the Passion”

  1. Josephine Cowell Says:

    June 26th, 2020 at 4:40 am

    Thank you Jesus for loving me that much that you died on the cross for our sin. Love held you there!

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