How Strong Is Your Passion?

June 22nd, 2020

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Nehemiah 1:1-11

Sometimes bad news comes like a wrecking ball, and sometimes, it materializes from the shadows waiting for the right time to step into reality. Broken dreams. Broken Plans. Broken families. Broken bodies. Broken walls and city gates. For Nehemiah, news of the state of his people in exile brought heartbreak.

Nehemiah “sat down and wept,” mourning, fasting, and praying for days. Often the experience of true heartbreak brings the realization that as finite humans, we have limited resources. We, like Nehemiah, begin to earnestly seek dependence, strength, and wisdom from our Creator.

Our loving Father is present in our pain, in fact, He weeps with us. He feels our pain to the depths that we feel it. We do not cry alone.

The text for today should point us toward passionate dependence upon God for strength and comfort. In equal measure, the text should point us toward the people around us. Where are people experiencing brokenness and pain around you?

Author: Teanna Sunberg


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