Strengths In Numbers

June 12th, 2020

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Ezra 7:11-20

When the Golden State Warriors basketball team made it to the finals in 2015, they rolled out a campaign called “Strength in Numbers.” It was inspired by their strong 24-0 season start, 54-win streak at home, and 74-win regular season record. Their campaign, however, was not just about statistical numbers. It was meant to energize their fans, calling them to support the team.

When King Artaxerxes sent Ezra back to Israel, he encouraged other Israelites to join Ezra. Perhaps he understood that there is strength in numbers.

Strength, however, is not solely based on numeric count. True strength in numbers is in the community that is created by those numbers. Like the Warriors fans, they entered the stadium as strangers, but immediately they were immersed in a community that was united with a purpose.

As Christians, our calling goes beyond just cheering and being spectators. Our community, the church, expects us to be active participants.

Author: Sherwin Rulloda


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