You See, God Always Provides

June 10th, 2020

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Ezra 6:1-12

One of my favorite stories of my dad was when he was the pastor of a small church and taught at a public school to support our family. There were months when the church could not come up with a full salary. Providing a proper meal for the family was a challenge during those weeks.

Times like those drove him to the altar. “I would tell God this is not my family’s problem; this is His problem because He called us here.” After praying he’d go home to find a bag of rice, some vegetables, and even a live chicken at the doorstep of the parsonage with a note, “Pastor, we thought your family could use this.” “You see, God always provides!”

When the Israelites were rebuilding God’s temple, they didn’t have all the resources, but God did. God used unexpected means to help finish the construction and provided the resources to purchase sacrifices.

God truly provides, and most of the time, He uses people. Perhaps we need to be reminded daily that God wants to use us and the resources we’re blessed with for His purposes.

Author: Sherwin Rulloda

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