Fear Moves In

May 26th, 2020

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Matthew 8:18-27

“Do you trust me?” Trusting moves us away from the comfortable and controllable. It requires us to step in the boat and push out into a sea of unpredictability. In Jesus’ day, the sea was revered because it was untamable, chaotic.

When fear creeps in, we often settle for the predictability of land. Jesus, however, is calling us to more. This demands trust and that is costly. We must surrender. Jesus is not asking something He doesn’t understand. He surrendered it all, even equality with God, so we might all have new life in faith (Philippians 2:6).

Trust that He has not called just you into the boat and out into the sea of life, but that He goes with you. Be confident that God is present even when your faith may be weak. Be encouraged that, no matter our faith, no matter the storm, Jesus is capable when necessary of calming whatever the seas of life may bring.

Author: Tim Whetstone


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