Abundant Life

May 7th, 2020

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Ephesians 2:1-10

The late Kobe Bryant was a former professional basketball player known not only for his many trophies and awards, but also for his incredible work ethic. His hard work paid off.

But winning and losing in life is not based on how hard we work. Our Creator and Redeemer God teaches that the incredible life He intends for His creation to enjoy is discovered not by hard work, but by His grace.

Life itself is a gracious gift from God. No matter how much sweat-equity we invest, we can never earn it. Every breath that we take was delivered by the Father through the sacrifice of His Son. When we embrace the sacrifice that Jesus made for us as a gift of reconciliation, we are awakened to real, abundant life in a trusting relationship with God.

Are you a hard worker? Imagine what God might do through you as you work in concert with the Holy Spirit of God.

Author: Kevin Hancock


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