May 5th, 2020

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John 7:45—8:11

Horse blinders. You’ve seen them covering the eyes of horses pulling wagons. Blinders are firm leather squares or plastic cups that attach to the animal’s bridle and prevent it from seeing beside or behind it. They hold the horse captive to the direction dictated by the one who holds the reins.

Sin acts the same way. We are kept in the dark about the reality of the abundant life that God has for us through Christ. Instead, we blindly move forward as the evil one holds the reins.

The call of Jesus to the woman caught in adultery was not simply to halt her sinful activity. Rather, it was a gracious invitation to have the blinders removed and be set free from the reign of sin. Jesus did not condemn the woman; her blinders did. In her darkest hour the woman recognized the clear distinction between that which condemns and the One who saves.

Are you headed in the wrong direction? Are you unable to see any way out of your predicament? There is One who stands beside you.

Author: Kevin Hancock


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