Thanks To God

May 2nd, 2020

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Romans 14:1-12

I don’t like to eat whole fish with the eyes staring at me. I am always glad when the person serving me has cut the fish in two so that I can select the half without the eyes. I did not grow up in a culture that considers the head a delicacy; therefore, I don’t prize it. But I am very grateful that my friends do not judge me for not eating the “best” part of the fish.

In this passage in Romans, Paul seems to be telling the Romans to behave as my friends do—to accept others as they are, whether they eat meat or not, whether they keep special days or not, whether they eat the fish head or not. We are to accept each other as we all give thanks to God. What we eat or don’t eat seems to be much less important than the attitude with which we eat.

Do we give thanks when our neighbors eat differently or act differently or keep special days differently? The scripture reminds us that all of us “will give an account of ourselves” (Romans 14:12). Let’s give thanks in all things.

Author: Rebecca Belcher-Rankin

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