Better Than Sliced Bread

April 30th, 2020

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John 6:41-59

“That’s better than sliced bread,” an old adage says, implying that sliced bread is special. When bread became a commodity that people could purchase as a loaf of precut, equally-sized slices, it did, indeed, seem special. What could be better?

To the people listening to Jesus’ words about bread coming from heaven, they, too, must have wondered what possibly could be better than the bread that Jesus had multiplied from the five loaves. Moreover, what could He mean by eating a bread that would let them live forever? That would, indeed, be better than sliced bread—or, in their day, better than multiplied bread.

Still, Jesus’ teaching was puzzling. They were thinking of daily bread while He was talking about everlasting bread. Jesus says, “Just as the living Father sent me and I live because of the Father, so the one who feeds on me will live because of me” (John 6:57). How could they possibly understand this? They could not, except through faith.

Through Jesus Christ, the living bread, we gain eternal life.

Author: Rebecca Belcher-Rankin


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