Prepare Yourself for Worship

April 16th, 2020

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Romans 12:1-3

On one of his many trips to South America, Dr. Jim Diehl preached at my local church in Argentina. He shared the story of a time during his pastoral ministry when a young man came to the altar to surrender his life to God. Dr. Diehl told the young man that it’s more than just surrendering your heart to God.

He asked the man to take the wallet out of his pocket and place it on the altar, surrendering his finances to God. He then asked him to remove the picture of his girlfriend from the wallet, surrendering their relationship to God. Now, remove your employee ID from the wallet, surrendering his career to God. Finally, put your whole self on the altar, surrendering complete control of your life to God.

Offering our bodies as a living sacrifice means that we are yielding control of our lives. This surrender is that starting point to our worship. Worship is an attitude of the heart where we fully understand the mercy of God.

Worship is our response to God’s mercy. Are you prepared to worship?

Author: Brian Utter


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