Through Christ We Have Victory

April 10th, 2020

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1 Corinthians 15:42-58

Wouldn’t it be great to know who was going to win the big ball game? Whether it’s a sectional final for the local high school team, or the national football league playoffs, wouldn’t it be great going into a closely-contested game to know your team was going to win? It sure would be a lot less stressful. Maybe we wouldn’t get so worked up if a referee blew a call or the kicker misses an easy field goal if we knew the victory was ours, no matter what.

You see, this is precisely what we are given in the resurrection of Jesus. We know that death doesn’t win. Sin doesn’t win. Even those who die, if they are in Christ, will not sleep forever. They will be raised; so will we. The mortal will clothe itself with immortality, and Christ will be shown to have won the victory over death itself.

How would you live if you knew your team was going to win in the end? How should we live, in the light of the resurrection, now that we know that Jesus wins in the end?

Author: Mark Hendrickson

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