The Fragrance of Salvation

March 30th, 2020

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John 12:1-11

On Jesus’ final journey to Jerusalem, Lazarus, whom Jesus had previously raised from the dead, hosted Jesus at his home. In an extravagant act of love, Mary chose to break her treasured jar of perfume, commonly used in burial, to anoint Jesus’ feet. The whole house was filled with the perfume of burial ointment!

Perhaps the scent reminded the entire household of Lazarus’ burial and resurrection. However, it is clear in John 12 that the perfume reminded Jesus of His own impending death. Maybe the scent lingered on Jesus’ feet as He journeyed to Jerusalem, giving Him extra strength to face what was ahead. Could it be that as Jesus cried out to the Father, “Take this cup from me,” (Mark 14:36) He still smelled the scent of burial oil on His feet?

Jesus was not deterred by those who followed Him because of the miracles He performed. He stayed focused on His Father’s mission even as the reminder of His own death lingered in the air.

Author: Carol Rittenhouse


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