Family Resemblance

March 9th, 2020

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John 7:1-13

Ever since they have moved closer to where Stephanie’s husband grew up, they often hear the comment about their younger son, “He sure looks like his dad!” There is no mistaking who their son belongs to; he is the carbon copy of his father.

In John 6, Jesus had been busy. He fed the 5,000, spooked the disciples as He walked on water, taught followers about the kingdom of God, and saw many abandon Him for more lucrative leaders. The Feast of Tabernacles—a time to remember God’s provision in the wilderness and to look forward to the coming Messiah—was approaching, but Jesus did not want to go to Judea. He knew the religious leaders were looking for a way to get rid of Him. They didn’t understand who He was.

Then Jesus’ brothers began to goad Him into going. “If you are going to be a public figure, why hide?” They didn’t understand who He was. The crowds failed to make the connection, His disciples weren’t really sure who He was, and even His own brothers were blind to Jesus’ identity.

When others see us, do they see the family resemblance?

Author: Stefanie Hendrickson

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