We Don’t Want To Go

March 3rd, 2020

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John 1:43-51

We had served as missionaries for several years when we felt released by the Holy Spirit to return to the United States. There was one problem; we did not want to go. We had discovered fulfillment in serving with our ministry team. We loved the cultures and languages of the Caribbean and Central America. Costa Rica had quickly become home for our children and the friendships we dreamed of having were finally taking root.

Through healthy discipleship throughout our journey, we had learned to discern when God was leading us into new places to serve. What we discovered in the next few years of ministry in the United States was that God wanted to use our story to invite others into serving Him and to see a new generation being sent by the church to serve.

Nearly five years later, we marvel at those—young and old—who have accepted the call of Christ to serve. As we faithfully follow Jesus, there is joy in inviting others to join in the journey. Who might you invite to serve with you?

Author: Joel Tooley

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