Mountains Do Not Hide

February 23rd, 2020

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Psalm 121:1-8

Last summer Jennifer’s daughters’ Girl Scout troop went on a weeklong camping trip in the mountains. She got to go along as a chaperone.  They had an amazing week enjoying the spectacular views that the mountains provide. They found ourselves several nights camping at lower elevations with the mountains looming around them.  During these times of setting up camp in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains Jennifer thought of these verses penned in the 121st Psalm.

Mountains can not hide. You can not miss seeing them. If your help is coming from the mountains, you will see it coming.

That is the help that God gives to us. God who made the mountains and the sea, the heavens and the earth, will always provide and care for us. He will keep our feet on the path He has set for us. So, rest assured that the God who does not rest has His eyes on you and will be your help in every situation.

What are you facing today, this week, or even this year? Lift your eyes to the mountain and stay focused on the Lord. His grace will help you.

Author: Jennifer Couchman


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