Every Little Bit

February 15th, 2020

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Luke 20:45—21:4

I am a firm believer in the phrase, “every little bit counts.” The last little bit in a bottle, coins with the lowest value, five minutes worth of effort—it all adds up and makes the little bits matter.

God believes that “every little bit counts” as well. Scripture tells us over and over that the small things matter. The solitary lost sheep, a single touch of a garment, one minute mustard seed, a tiny baby in a manger, all these things matter greatly to the Father.

God wants us to know that every little bit truly counts. The quick call, a hug, and the last couple of dollars are more important to God than the perfectly planned visit, the elaborate gesture, or the large financial gift given for personal glorification.

In other words, every little bit makes a difference and making a difference is what God desires from His children. In our broken world, it’s easy to forget that God isn’t impressed by lavishness, but by sincerity. What do your gifts of time, talent, and treasure reflect about you?

Author: Andrea Simms Talley

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