God’s Preferences

February 13th, 2020

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Isaiah 56:1-7

I’ve been to several churches in my life. I grew up in a church on a corner. In college, I attended a church within walking distance. When I moved to the big city, I attended a large university church, a mid-sized suburban church, and a small, liturgical church.

I don’t think God has a preference as to what our church building looks like. He does, however, have preferences on what His church looks like. We, His people, are the Church. He wants us to meet together regularly, not just when it’s convenient.

God also prefers His church be dynamic. He wants us to grow through corporate worship and the proclamation of His Word. He wants us to love and encourage one another. He wants us to help each other. He wants us to eat, play, cry, and work together.

Above all, God doesn’t want our churches to become exclusive. God wants everyone to be welcome. He prefers brokenness to perfection. He doesn’t mind our humanity showing.

What can you do to help your church closer align itself with God’s preferences?

Author: Andrea Simms Talley

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