Higher Calling

February 11th, 2020

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Haggai 2:1-9

My first real job in high school was sitting with a young man after school. For two years I would hang out with him at his house until his parents got home from work. I was able to pay for two summer trips as a result.

Most of what we do as human beings is connected in one way or another to our occupations. As teenagers, we are encouraged to pursue some form of higher education so that we have the knowledge necessary to succeed in our chosen field. After that begins the journey towards employment. We search, apply, interview, and sooner or later find ourselves filling out paperwork in order to receive that all-important paycheck.

While earthly jobs are important, there’s a higher calling that we as Christ-followers must fulfill. While eternal life is truly a free gift, it is our job to share that gift with others. We are God’s messengers; our most important occupation is working for the Kingdom.

Is God your primary employer? What does your heavenly timesheet look like? Are you working as hard at telling others about God’s gift of eternal life as you do at your day job?

Author: Andrea Simms Talley

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