Words From The Heart

January 25th, 2020

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James 3:1-8

The first two chapters of James talks about how to respond to trials in a godly manner, in other words, developing spiritual maturity. This brings us to the well-known topic of taming the tongue in chapter three.

While these topics are central to every Christian’s life, James focuses on a certain group of Christians: teachers. James has no false perfectionism. He points out how easy it is to stumble.  Our tongue is possibly one of the most powerful instruments we have. Our words, as well as our silence, reveal our spiritual maturity. Teachers bear this responsibility even greater than others. They are to take this responsibility seriously. Their accountability is greater; the judgment is stricter.

Our words don’t begin in our heads, but our hearts. If God’s word is in our hearts then that is what will come out of our mouths. Our words will have no choice but to reflect the Word of God.

Author: Patty Craft


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