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December 19th, 2019

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John 5:16-27

Not everyone grew up with the kind of fatherly example Patty’s husband did. Anyone who met her father-in-law knew he was a godly man. There are numerous stories about the examples in his life. Family devotions every day is one of them.

Every night, usually right when Patty’s husband was getting ready to watch television, his father would call out, “devotions,” signifying the gathering in the living room. He would open with the scripture passage and devotion. The whole family would join in singing the first verse and chorus of the song listed. Then it became a family competition to who could be the first to correctly guess the country mentioned in the prayer request.

Just as Jesus could only do what He experienced from His Father, those of us with a godly father, father-in-law, or other mentor are blessed to be able to follow this example back to God. Years later my husband recounts this tradition with thankfulness. He is thankful for this godly father who not only cared enough to insist on daily family devotions, but also lived out a powerful example to follow.

Author: Patty Craft


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