Let It Go!

December 10th, 2019

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Micah 7:14-20

A fairly common practice in parenting happens when one child offends another and instructions are given to apologize. Though the offender can usually force the words, it is the begrudging tone that indicates an absence of remorse and lack of desire to forgive.

The words of the prophet remind us that God pardons sin, forgives transgressions, and does not stay angry. In other words, God does not hold it over our head while taking time to sulk. Instead, God delights in letting go!

As a brand-new believer, Margaret’s husband offered an apology for the nearly 16 years that he chased a life outside of Christ and their home. He was both humble and sincere in his apology. One of their children heard and quickly received their father’s words, “Of course I forgive you.” One of our children shrugged, said, “whatever,” and walked away.

Margaret’s husband sought the forgiveness of God and family. Only by God living in and through us is it possible to forgive and delight in letting go!

Author: Margaret Tyler


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