Rejoice In God’s Coming!

December 8th, 2019

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Psalm 68:1-6

The King is coming! This announcement, accompanied by trumpet blasts, would call crowds to attention as they strained for a glimpse of the royal procession.

In these days leading up to Christmas, we celebrate the coming of a newborn King. Jesus’ birth was not heralded by trumpets in the streets. Angels brought the good news and the heavens rang with their songs. David calls us to join in that singing.

We live in a time when international conflicts have increased. Revelations of abuse and scandal have led to diminished confidence in governmental and religious leaders. Many people find little reason to rejoice.

David called us to rejoice, not in our circumstances, but in the name of the Lord, in praise of His very being. God reached out to care for the outcasts—the fatherless, the widow, the prisoners—and to bring them into community. God’s character is love. God’s love reaches out to each one of us through the birth of God’s Son. That is cause to rejoice!

Author: Judith A. Schwanz

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