Rejoice! God Is Compassionate

December 5th, 2019

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Isaiah 54:1-8

“New traffic pattern ahead, use caution.” The sign alerted me to road construction and yet another change in my daily commute. Change seems to be the one constant reality in our world. Every day, it seems, new discoveries and technologies alter our daily routines.

Life seems to constantly shift and move. All this change can cause us to feel unsteady and vulnerable, uncertain of the future.

The prophet Isaiah foretold change for the children of Israel. They would move into new countries and strange cities. In the midst of this change, Isaiah offered words of assurance. They did not need to fear, because the Lord, their Redeemer, remained with them as their world changed around them.

God’s assurance reaches to us today as well. God’s kindness is everlasting; it will not end. David described God’s faithfulness as reaching to the skies (Psalm 108:4). God offers compassion and kindness as an anchor to hold us firm in the chaos of change. Our Redeemer remains steadfast whatever tomorrow may bring.

Author: Judith A. Schwanz


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