What A Day That Will Be

November 25th, 2019

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Malachi 1:6-14

God is the creator of relationships. He exists in constant, perfect intimacy as Father, Son, and Spirit. He invites humanity into fellowship with the Trinity. Through His revelation, He continually teaches humanity how to exist in relationship with Him and others. He built the foundation upon which all connections grow. That foundation is love.

Love is the spark that ignites the flame of this perfect relationship. God, who is love, has always loved us. True love is an unbreakable bond that strengthens as love is freely given, and freely returned. Just think of it: God, creator of every good thing, invites us to return His love and to imagine a life that is built on love.

As we seek to reflect His perfect relationship, the kingdom grows. It begins in loving and honoring our Creator. It matures as we love and honor each other. One day it will be completed.

Author: Jennifer Coffman


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