Freedom In Christ

November 23rd, 2019

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James 2:1-13

James 2 speaks of the “law that gives freedom.” This is the law of Christ. The freedom we experience in Christ allows us to freely love others. I had a dog who could not be confined by fence or chain. Misty was not that big, but she could jump any fence. She could wiggle out of any harness or collar. After a few minutes outside, she would be running free down the street. She craved freedom more than anything.

The neighbors’ dogs lived in yard with an old, broken fence. Misty would jump in and out of their yard to play. Yet the other dogs remained in their yard. Either they could not jump the fence, or they believed they could not jump the fence. The neighbors’ dogs did not live in freedom.

We long for freedom. Yet we may be stuck in our own yards, not believing that the freedom Christ offers is for us. Let us jump the fence into the arms of One who gives grace and freedom. This freedom will lead us to love others.

Author: Kelly Yates


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