Simple Faith – Believe In God

November 20th, 2019

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Romans 4:1-12

Abraham is the “father of all who believe” (v. 11). What is so great about this message? This informs us that God welcomes all who believe. One does not have to be born a Jew to be welcomed into God’s family. Further, Paul was indicating that Abraham did not have to check off a long list of rules to be counted as righteous. What was it that enabled Abraham to be counted as righteous? His simple faith!

Sometimes we struggle and may think that living the Christian life is difficult. Yet the Bible points out over and over that this faith is simple.

Through this passage we also learn that it is our faith, not our works, that allows us to be called righteous. What is this faith? It is belief in God. We believe that Jesus Christ saves us, and so welcomes us into the family of God. We are in this family not by blood, but by faith. The door into the household of the family of God has swung open wide, and it remains so.

Author: Kelly Yates


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