The Church As A Welcoming Place

November 18th, 2019

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Acts 15:1-11

Having just moved to a new school as a third grader, I discovered what it meant to be excluded. This was my first experience of changing schools, but it would not be my last. Playground time went one of two ways: the other children would insult me, or just not talk to me at all. Riding a bus presented a new challenge: no one wanted to share a seat with me. Once another student invited the entire class to her birthday party—except me.

I expected changing churches to be the same way. Instead church brought a pleasant surprise. There was no “us and them” at the church we visited, and eventually made our church home. We were welcomed with open arms. The pastor’s spouse who taught my Sunday School class let me know she cared.

Paul and Barnabas wanted to make sure that the infant church did not exclude anyone. They proclaimed the signs and wonders that God had done among the Gentiles. God had shown His power and love as He had with the Jews.

Let us welcome with open arms those who walk through our doors.

Author: Kelly Yates


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