Facing Discouragement

November 16th, 2019



Acts 13:26-41

It looked like things were going so well for Paul. The setup was perfect, the delivery was one point, and the audience looked receptive. As they were leaving, people wanted to hear more about the gospel message Paul and Barnabas presented. What more receptive response could they have hoped for?

Then things took a nasty turn. The receptivity turned to jealousy. Jealousy turned to abusive speech. It seemed to be the end to his message in the synagogue. It meant that Paul had to find a new focus. This new focus to the Gentiles eventually becomes a flourishing ministry. Much of our New Testament comes from this new mission of salvation to the Gentiles.

When we see the gospel rejected, we can easily become discouraged. But God is ever a God of redemption. God can take even death and shape it to the new life of resurrection. When our plans go awry, God has the vision and ability to shape it into something new, and turn it to God’s glory.

Author: Michael Fraley


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