Don’t Get In God’s Way

November 1st, 2019

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Acts 11:1-18

“I don’t like the new music,” Nancy complained. “Why can’t we use hymnals and real worship music like we used to?”

Marge thought about the previous Sunday when her grandchildren had enthusiastically participated in the worship service. “I like whatever music will encourage my family to come to church,” she said.

The Jerusalem believers were just getting used to some of the changes brought about by their new relationship with Christ and now they faced another change: they were supposed to welcome Gentiles!

At first, the believers objected, but fortunately for us, they listened carefully to Peter and allowed the Spirit to change their minds. If Christianity had not transitioned from a Jewish sect to a multi-ethnic one, it would no doubt have quickly died out.

Today, when new ways of doing things feel like a roller coaster ride, do we cling to old traditions, or do we listen to the Spirit and stay out of the way of something new God is doing?

Author: Karen Hiner


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