God Is Not Prejudiced

October 28th, 2019

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Acts 10:1-9

Donna, early to Sunday school, watched from the second story window as people drove to the church parking lot in their late-model cars, trucks, and vans. Her own car, the oldest and scruffiest in the parking lot, looked out of place. Maybe she didn’t belong in this church, after all.

The Sunday school lesson was from the book of James, and Donna realized that the world’s concept of social status was not valid in God’s kingdom. If she chose a church based on her self-perceived place in society, she was offending God as well as her fellow believers.

In Acts 10, both Cornelius and Peter believed in God. However, they were influenced by their culture. Cornelius, a Gentile, lived out his faith the best he knew how, through prayer and generosity. Peter, a Jew, had assumed that the gospel of Jesus Christ was exclusive to his own people. The Spirit-orchestrated meeting of the two men changed history.

What prejudices do Christians have today that are damaging to the spread of the gospel? If we hold prejudices based on worldly values, how does that hinder the furtherance of the gospel?

Author: Karen Hiner


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