Build Bridges

October 16th, 2019

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Acts 17:16-25

When the Sunday school session was about sharing one’s faith with not-yet-believers, Julie realized she didn’t know anyone outside her church and the Christian organization where she worked part-time.

She thought about joining a group that shared her interest in photography, but decided she wanted something more service-oriented. Eventually she volunteered at a women’s shelter where she found many opportunities to share her faith. Some of the women even started attending her church.

In Acts 17, Paul looked for ways to engage his listeners. He found the perfect opening when he discovered their altar “to an unknown god.” This, along with the Athenian’s penchant for discussion, gave Paul an opportunity to share his faith.

Many of us have a choice: we can stay in our comfortable environments, or we can venture out and build faith-sharing bridges with others. Those limited by circumstances can become active prayer partners with believers who are sharing the gospel. Where will you venture today?

Author: Karen Hiner


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