Spirit-Induced Jubilee

September 23rd, 2019

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Acts 4:32-37

Fifty days after Passover, Pentecost has come. The Holy Spirit pouring out on those first believing Christians unified them as one beating heart and thinking mind.

Imagine a people without classifications for poor, middle class, or wealthy. This imagination of an equalized people echoes Leviticus 25 and the Lord’s Jubilee plan. When the Israelites passed from their forty years of wilderness wandering into the promised land, God instructed that their fiftieth year was to be Jubilee. Debts, inequities, and all things one-sided were to be released, forgiven, and equalized throughout the land for a year of Sabbath. Tragically, Jubilee never happened due to the people’s lack of radical trust in God. The Holy Spirit-filled early church modeled the radical reality of Jubilee as a way of life.

What should be released, forgiven, and equalized in your life, church, and community so there is no one needy among you? Can you radically trust God for Jubilee through you?

Author: Kim Purl


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