Help Us, Holy Spirit

September 14th, 2019

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Titus 3:1-15

How easy it is to be kind to people we like! We are all guilty of having extra patience or giving extra chances to friends and family. We tend to extend more grace to the people we care most for in our lives.

We all have heard of Christians who are attacked for their obedience to God. People who are the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing who lie to make themselves appear as the martyr or spread falsehoods to try to destroy godly men and women. In a day when so many people are concerned only for themselves and practice deception in an effort to advance their own agendas, it seems impossible to be gentle and show kindness to everyone. As Christians, that is exactly what we are called to do.

Through God’s mercy and grace He sent the Holy Spirit to help us live above the messiness of life. Through the Holy Spirit, Christ wants to transform a person’s selfish heart into a heart for God. Once a heart has experienced His transforming power, doing good naturally becomes a priority.

Author: Kelly S. Brown


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