Faith Is a Verb

September 9th, 2019

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Mark 5:24-34

Illness is a frustrating experience for all of us, but when it lingers without any signs of getting better, it can often lead from frustration to despair. Imagine suffering for years while spending all your money on doctors only to end up worse than when you started.

This was exactly the case for the woman in Mark 5. She had been suffering with no relief for 12 years. The woman knew of Jesus and believed He could heal her; however, she was embarrassed to ask for His healing.

Yet, because the woman believed so strongly in Jesus, she came up with a plan to walk behind Him and touch His clothes. She believed that merely touching His clothes would be powerful enough to heal her. She was right; she was immediately healed! In that same instant Jesus asked, “Who touched me?” Jesus wasn’t asking to find out who touched Him or to scold her. He already knew exactly who touched Him. He asked to give the woman an opportunity to share her faith. The woman fell at His feet in reverence.

Author: Kelly S. Brown

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