Deeds That Complete The Faith

August 25th, 2019

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James 2:14-26

Have you ever been around a stranger and instinctively sensed they were a Christ-follower? What gave them away? Was it something they said or did?

James was teaching Christ-followers how to live and fulfill God’s mission for the church. He instructed them to live more like and look more like Jesus. A Christ-follower has faith, but there’s more—a maturing faith is essential, made complete through deeds reflecting Jesus’ passion for others.

Many in the church were claiming faith without demonstrating deeds born of faith, and those in need were not receiving help.

Christ-followers are ministers of the gospel. People are called to actively reflect the passion of Jesus. The task before the church is to do what we can. We bind wounds and Jesus heals. Our actions tell the story of relationship and growth, both with Jesus and others.

What is it that gives away a Christ-follower? Hopefully, it’s what they say and what they do. Hopefully, it’s a passion to be like Jesus. Do you give yourself away?

Author: Jan C. LaSalle


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