Who Pays The Power Bill?

August 23rd, 2019

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Acts 3:1-10

Where is the power? I bring spiritual gifts and talents to the table of God’s mission, but the power is not in my name. I did not conqueror death nor give my life to save humanity. Jesus’ sacrificial death makes God’s unlimited power available to me through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Peter and John were headed to the temple. They encountered a beggar, lame from birth. He asked for help and Peter responded, “I’ll give you what I have.” What Peter offered was not what was asked for, but far more powerful than the beggar could know. His world was small and life was about receiving. He never had anything to give.

In Jesus’ name, the beggar is physically and spiritually healed. His circle of influence immediately expanded. What he had to offer exploded in value. He now had a story to tell and a Savior who could do immeasurably more than he yet realized.

Living and operating in the name of Jesus is a world changer!

Author: Jan C. LaSalle


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