What Was Old Is Now New

August 15th, 2019

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Acts 9:32-43

A man named Aeneas had been paralyzed. For eight years he had been stuck in bed. Then Peter came and told him to get up and pick up his mat in Jesus name. Aeneas was instantly healed. It sent shockwaves through his community. Everyone in town could see that Jesus had given their neighbor a new lease on life, and so they became followers of Jesus.

When we become followers of Jesus, our lives change. We are called to show the world that God is doing something new. The best way we have to deliver that news is with our own transformed lives. In the same way everyone saw that Aeneas could now walk, our lives should show the world that Jesus transforms us. When people see that God has turned our hopelessness into joy, our bitterness into forgiveness, and our hatred into self-giving love, they will believe that Jesus is changing the world. They will see that Jesus can transform their lives also. Let your life be a testimony of God’s love for the world.

Author: Steven Malcolm


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